APE Diagnostics

offers functionality considering all particular qualities of the supported systems. As for today we are happy to provide support of the following systems


APE Diagnostics suite allows BI Administrators to capture diagnostic runtime data from Informatica mappings as well as database and compile the complete picture for each ETL run. High level views and convenient drill downs into each ETL session details, effective GANTT dependencies with convenient filtering and concurrency views as well as ETL bottlenecks analysis provide powerful ammunition for effective diagnosing and troubleshooting ETL challenges. APE Diagnostics accumulates all historic ETL runtime statistics and allows to analyze critical trends, compare ETL runs, as well as search Informatica sessions, lookups and database events across all ETL runs and all registered environments.


Oracle BI Analytic Applications using Informatica

Oracle BI Analytic Applications implementations, using Informatica and Oracle Data Warehouse Admin Console (DAC), will benefit from the comprehensive and detailed ETL performance analysis, implemented by APE Diagnostics. It integrates runtime statistics from DAC, Informatica and RDBMS into convenient views for productive performance analysis. Effective GANTT, concurrency and ETL Bottlenecks views with integrated database events provide the most complete picture about state of each ETL item. BI Admins can quickly compare ETL runs, monitor critical tasks performance across all published ETL runs, trace improvement and regression trends, and conveniently search for any ETL items and their details.


Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

APE Diagnostics captures and parses Oracle Data Integrator Load Plans (LP) runtime information, and integrates with database workload and active sessions statistics into one complete picture for BI Admins performance analysis. It provides both high level and detailed views of ODI scenarios and their steps, GANTT and concurrency charts, as well as ODI ETL Bottlenecks analysis. Database workload events, SQL statistics and their execution plans, attached to ODI generated queries, make it quick and effective for investigating runtime performance issues. Intelligent SQL parsing of complex ODI generated queries gives ETL Admins and DBAs additional hints to pin-point the potential queries bottlenecks.


BI Reporting Systems


APE Diagnostics collects, parses and presents the most comprehensive diagnostic information about OBIEE reports performance. The tightly integrated database and SQL statistics help to quickly match heavy RDBMS SQLs with the end user reports, and make it easier for BI Admins to identify the critical items for additional tuning and optimization. The diagnostic suite provides high level concurrency and workload charts, and helps to monitor BI reporting workload, identify any anomalies and analyze end user report patterns. BI Admins and DBAs can quickly search the parsed data for parent logical reports by logical queries or database SQLs of their portions.



Oracle RDBMS

APE Diagnostics takes detailed and intelligent snapshots of RDBMS and host OS performance statistics, workload, and current system capacity. It applies advanced mathematical methods to raw performance and workload data to mine rich and diverse knowledge about current and imminent bottlenecks in RDBMS. Administrators can use system bottleneck and capacity reports in a format that can be easily aligned with Informatica, DAC, ODI, and OBIEE reports for comprehensive analysis and future capacity planning.