Cloud Or On-premise Installation?

Troype Professional Services offers comprehensive expertise in investigating performance bottlenecks in BI Analytics for both cloud-based subscribers and on-premise APE Diagnostics deployments. Our Technical Account Managers are committed to help businesses with monitoring performance, interpreting collected performance data, and identifying critical issues in their BI implementations.

Cloud Subscription

Cloud-based Subscription is the fastest and most convenient option to start using APE Diagnostics. You set up your hardware profiles for your company, start collecting daily performance snapshots with help of our Diagnostic Client and load collected diagnostic data into your hardware profiles.

On-premise Installation

With on-premise APE Diagnostics you have the full control over the local deployment, including capturing performance runtime statistics via Diagnostic Client, loading the data and managing the diagnostic suite.


Support & Assistance

Level 1:

Technical support of APE Diagnostics. We are ready to help our clients with questions on system deployment, configuration and usage.

Level 2:

Our Technical Account Managers will work in close collaboration with client’s BI admins. They will monitor performance data, provide regular updates, help to catch critical trends and respond to them before they materialize into major issues / bottlenecks.