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Troype is a US company with very strong background and experience in BI Analytics implementations and performance optimization. Our mission is to increase the efficiency and performance of your organization's needs for application reporting. Troype offers in-depth BI and ETL application performance diagnostics tools that transform megabytes of raw log data into meaningful diagnostic reports highlighting performance bottlenecks. The Troype solution is based on proprietary algorithms that enable efficient management of log information.

Troype offers an APE Diagnostics system that is based on two important know-hows:

For the sake of quality and efficiency, APE Diagnostics has specific functionality for each supported system. OBIEE, Informatica, DAC and ODI are fully supported today and more are being developed.

Tired of finding excuses for your CFO and the Board about problems that arise?

Or going through megabytes of BI log files long into the night?

Tired of listening to mumbling on-site consultants who are all talk without fixing any of your problems?

We understand. We are ready to help!

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